1. Data Research Management training.

IASSIST Africa partners with different academic and information institutions to carry trainings in Data research management. The trainings help to enrich attendees with skills to manage data research in their institutions. They are open to both registered and non registered members. We encourage to look out for those trainings in your different regions across Africa.

2. Webinars

ASSIST-Africa Chapter runs a number of Webinar Series through out the year . Experts are invited to share view about different topics concerning data today. They include among others ; Open Science , Data Privacy , Data research management among others. We encourage you to look out for webinar series from out website.

3. Regional Workshops

  • 1st Regional workshop was held in Kampala – Uganda
  • 2nd Regional Workshop was help in Ibadan – Nigeria
  • 3rd Regional Workshop will be held in Pretoria – South Africa (October 2023)