IASSIST in collaboration with the University of Ibadan hosted the 2nd IASSIST West Africa Regional Workshop at University of Ibadan, Nigeria from 4th – 7th oct 2022

Keynote Speakers: Prof Sandra Canon (President IASSIST), Prof Wole Olatokun (University of Ibadan), Prof Mandla Ntombela (IASSIST, Southern Africa)


  • Provide opportunities for collegial exchange of sound professional practices
  • Promote international exchange and capacity
  • Foster and promote a network of excellence for data service delivery
  • Advance infrastructure in the social sciences

Main Theme :  Data Literacy and the Fourth industrial revolution

Sub themes

  • Issues with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Development Programs.
  • Data Literacy and considerations for industrial development.
  • AI , Robotics, Data Literacy and Wealth of Modern Nations
  • Data literacy and tertiary education
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution : Readiness and Future Considerations
  • Data collection and preservation.
  • Data protection legislations
  • Indigenous Knowledge : Data literacy and factors of production management.