1. Airport

The Muritala Mohammed Airport, Lagos is the easiest Airport to fly to, to be able to get to Ibadan, Nigeria.

2. Airport Transfer

There are airport taxis available to Ibadan, but it could be rather expensive

3. Departing from the Airport to Ibadan.

IASSIST WEST Africa Planning Committee will provide members to meet up with International participants (who should have sent their itinerary well ahead****) so they can be met, and transferred to the Train Station, where they will transit to Ibadan by train. Members will also meet them at the train Station at Ibadan, to transport them to the University of Ibadan, and their hotel.

4. Visit Ibadan

There are many places of interest to visit in Ibadan. The conference has a day tour arranged. Other extra tours can be arranged by special request before arrival.

5. Visa Requirements

The visa to Nigeria from African countries is usually issued on arrival, after due processes for applying online have been met. Please check the requirements from your country of departure at least 8 weeks before departure. Visa Information please click here